HKSF News Releases

  • PRESS RELEASE: Stop selling threatened species Over a thousand Hong Kong citizens angered by Lei Garden’s inconsistent message about sharks & sustainability

    Hong Kong (3rd Sept, 2017) – Ten members of HK Shark Foundation protested today at the Lei Garden in IFC, Central. They posted over 1,000 ‘Angry Face’ collected from concerned citizens online along the front wall of Lei Garden, protesting against the sale of threatened species. Handbills asking Lei Garden to “stop serving threatened Dusky Shark” were distributed to remind the customers at Lei Garden that the species is as endangered as Giant Panda and Polar Bear. HK Shark Foundation demands full disclosure of the shark fins species on sale at Lei Garden, and for an immediate stop the sales … More

    九月 4th, 2017
  • PRESS RELEASE: Threatened Species Featured in Promotions at Chinese Restaurants HK Shark Foundation launches ‘Shark Killer Ranking’

    Hong Kong (31st May, 2017) – HK Shark Foundation’s (HKSF) latest research has taken this work one step further, and found that a number of traditional Chinese restaurants continue to sell shark fins harvested from threatened species. These include “Hai hu”, from vulnerable Dusky Shark, and “Wu yang”, from the Silky Shark which has just been listed under the international trade convention. The results irrefutably demonstrate the role of Chinese restaurants in the trade of controlled species, which has dire consequences for the biodiversity of our planet. Some Chinese restaurants continue to brazenly promote their shark fin items, defying international … More

    六月 1st, 2017
  • PRESS RELEASE: Chinese restaurant persistantly serving shark fin at wedding banquets, despite lack of enthusiasm from guests

    Hong Kong (20th Dec, 2016) – With an average of 50,000 couples getting married annually, wedding banquets are still one of the major occasions  where shark fin is consumed in Hong Kong, especially in traditional Chinese restaurants. A recent survey conducted by the Hong Kong Shark Foundation, students from City University and 20 volunteers, interviewed 411 guests at 30 wedding banquets. The survey showed that only a minority (just 5%) of respondents actually like shark fin soup, the majority (90%) passively consume it, simply because it’s being served. It’s estimated that 323,783 tables[1] from 11,783 wedding banquets serve shark fin … More

    十二月 22nd, 2016
  • PRESS RELEASE: Hong Kong government should strengthen regulation after seizing of large batch of illegal shark fin

    Hong Kong (7th July, 2016) – Hong Kong Shark Foundation (HKSF) commend the Hong Kong government on its recent seizure of illegal import of hammerhead sharks fin weighing about 880 kilograms. This huge batch of shark fins is estimated to include over 100 endangered hammerhead sharks. [1]   Yuen Ping Chow, Executive Director, HKSF said, “Even though the local shark fin consumption is believed to have dropped recently, Hong Kong is still the world’s largest trade hub for shark fins. Despite trade regulation covering a very small number of threatened shark species, there is still much illegal fishing and illegal … More

    七月 6th, 2016
  • PRESS RELEASE: Wildlife Activists Stage Bloody Protest At FedEx Depot in Hong Kong To Save Sharks From Extinction

    Wildlife Activists Stage Bloody Protest At FedEx Depot in Hong Kong To Save Sharks From Extinction HONG KONG (03 July 2016) — Around 30 Hong Kong wildlife activists gathered today outside a FedEx depot in the city’s Kennedy Town district in a dramatic display to draw attention to the FedEx’s continued shipments of cruel and unsustainable shark fin. The activists, dressed in blood-stained shark costumes, held placards calling on FedEx to ‘STOP Shipping Shark Fin’ and laid silently down on the ground. Industry competitor, the United Parcel Service of America (UPS), banned shark fin from its cargo flights in 2015, whilst 36 … More

    七月 3rd, 2016
  • PRESS RELEASE: HK Express Goes Shark Free With New Cargo Policy Commitment

    The shark products restriction from HK Express will prohibit large consignments of shark fin being shipped as cargo. As an airline with bold expansion plans to absorb demand from over 60 million potential customers in China’s growing Pearl River Delta region that includes Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and beyond, the HK Express’ #sharkfree commitment is of great significance. It will play a major role in restoring the health of the world’s oceans which have in recent years seen a dramatic collapse in shark populations by as much as 90%. More

    五月 22nd, 2016
  • PRESS RELEASE:Wildlife Activists Stage Chinese New Year Bloody Protest To Save Sharks From Extinction

    * * * PRESS RELEASE * * * Wildlife Activists Stage Chinese New Year Bloody Protest To Save Sharks From Extinction ATTENTION NEWS EDITORS / FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HONG KONG (30 January 2016) — Wildlife activists from WildAid and Hong Kong Shark Foundation (HKSF) gathered today in Hong Kong’s busy Causeway Bay district in a dramatic display to draw attention to the city’s cruel and unsustainable shark fin trade. The activists, dressed in blood-stained shark costumes, laid silently down on the ground upon a bed of hundreds of real Chinese New Year banquet menus procured from Hong Kong restaurants that … More

    一月 30th, 2016
  • In the run up to Chinese New Year, restaurant polls challenge our sense that shark fin consumption is going down (25th Jan 2016)

    * * * PRESS RELEASE * * *  In the run up to Chinese New Year, restaurant polls challenge our sense that shark fin consumption is going down For Immediate Release: 25 January, 2016 Data collected by independent researchers and released by Hong Kong Shark Foundation today, show that although many hotels have taken shark fin off their menus, most Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong still offer shark fin soup. Key findings are that of 375 restaurants polled in Hong Kong in recent weeks, over 98% continue to offer shark fin on set menus. Of 2470 menus reviewed across those restaurants, over 85% were found to include shark … More

    一月 25th, 2016
  • UPS SHARK FIN PROTEST (11 July 2015)

    * * * PRESS INVITATION * * *   SHARK FIN PROTEST OUTSIDE  UNITED PARCEL SERVICE (UPS) CUSTOMER CENTRE * * * ATTENTION ALL NEWS EDITORS – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE * * * (HONG KONG, 09 July 2015) Supporters and volunteers from WildAid Hong Kong and Hong Kong Shark Foundation will assemble outside the United Parcel Service (UPS) Customer Centre in Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, at 11am on Saturday 11 July 2015 to protest this global freight delivery company continued shipments of endangered shark fin to Hong Kong. As part of a wider ‘UPS & Shark Fin – Global … More

    七月 13th, 2015
  • Mei Chi Lin – “Alternative to Shark Fin” Cooking Competition (23 April 2014)

    Mei Chi Lin – “Alternative to Shark Fin” Cooking Competition  「咪翅連」 (咪食翅連盟) 是由香港護鯊會 (Hong Kong Shark Foundation) 於2014年發起的活動,鼓勵市民拒食魚翅及關注鯊魚保育。當中以 非「嚐」次文化蒸爐烹飪比賽 為頭炮活動。 活動詳情如下: 日期:                                 2014年4月23日(星期三) 活動時間 :                      下午3:00 – 5:00pm 地點:                                 Private Lounge by Miele  銅鑼灣希慎道18號24樓 嘉賓:                                                細細粒(陳嘉佳)、白健恩 星級評審:                         Norma Chu、郭秀雲、海洋公園行政總廚劉庭章先生                 「咪翅連」 (咪食翅連盟) 是由香港護鯊會 (Hong Kong Shark Foundation) 於2014年發起的活動,鼓勵市民拒食魚翅及關注鯊魚保育。 咪翅連亦是我,是你,是所有希望出一分力去保護鯊魚的每個人,立即行動,作出改變。由自己出發, 改變生活態度, 不再進食魚翅, 避免使用鯊魚製品的每個參與者都是咪翅連的一份子。 鯊魚維持海洋生態平衡的角色無可取代。海洋生態系統複雜而神秘,鯊魚的消失對整個系統的影響實在無法估計。例如,在美國大西洋海岸有過百年歷史的扇貝(即帶子)養殖場,因為鯊魚被過度捕撈而無法維持。長久以來,鯊魚捕食牛鼻鱝(俗稱魔鬼魚),而魔鬼魚則捕食帶子。由於鯊魚數目銳減,魔鬼魚因失去天敵而數量暴增,導致帶子數量也直線下降。人類應該為下一代,好好保護鯊魚免遭滅絕。               當日細細粒(陳嘉佳)及白健恩聯同參賽者,一同透過烹煮環保健康菜式,取代宴會中的魚翅湯。細細粒本身已經有4-5年拒絕食魚翅,她不太接受到魚翅的腥味,又表示很高興這次比賽有新的食譜出現去代替魚翅湯,給予大家更豐富的選擇。           小白跟參賽者一起包新派餃子,結合中西煮食方法,同時宣揚保對鯊魚的訊息。             以100%純蒸氣烹煮的方式更能保留食物的色澤及營養,而且快捷方便,更不用睇火。細細粒都大讚蒸爐方便易用。             熱心保育工作的郭秀雲小姐、海洋公園行政總廚劉庭章先生及熱門烹飪網站DayDayCook創辦人Norma Chu逐一試食參賽者作品,海洋公園行政總廚劉庭章先生表示參賽者設計的菜式取代魚翅湯的可行性高,更分享了烹煮上的小貼士,令參賽者獲益良多。 參賽者作品: 冠軍作品: Dion Kwok – 白玉藏珍         … More

    四月 24th, 2014