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    2050’S X Cécédille Connecting With Nature.

    H & C Cosmetics (Far East) Ltd., a prestigious, well-known and fast-developing company which was established in 1995, is dedicated to distributing and exporting high quality skin care, make-up and perfumeries for wholesales, beauty salons and leading department store. In 2012, H & C was launched the crossover collection “ 2050’S X Cécédille ”. The major concept of brand is Connecting With Nature. Based on the concept, H & C aims to advocate on endangered species protection, water conservation and environmental protection.


    Nowadays, a few animal species, especially shark is on the brink of catastrophe. It comes not a moment too soon and we have to act now. Hence, H & C achieves ecological sustainability by regularly donate part of sales revenues to HKSF, that to support HKSF advocate and enhance the awareness of public on shark conservation.

    We hope our support enables HKSF to continue making a significant difference to the lives of shark in the sea.

    We hope every animal has rights to survival, sustainability and protection.