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    • Sharks: Up Close and Personal

      Hong Kong Shark Foundation, and the Hong Kong office of global law firm Skadden Arps, are pleased to host a unique shark photography talk “Sharks: Up Close and Personal”. Underwater photographer Simon Lorenz will share a photographic tale of worldwide shark interactions – from the smallest to the largest, from the most docile to the most dangerous ones. He will show that anyone can snorkel and dive with sharks and give insight on how to behave around sharks.

      November 28th, 2018
    • PRESS RELEASE: Latest report recommends more regulations for Hong Kong shark fin trade

      Hong Kong (29th March, 2018) – The HK Shark Foundation today released the latest “Beyond CITES – Shark fin trade recommendations for Hong Kong” report. Four Legislative Council members including Kenneth LEUNG, Elizabeth QUAT and HUI Chi Fung attended the launch and joined the discussion. The report compares and analyzes laws and regulations around the world, and puts forward four major recommendations that fit the current situation for Hong Kong, stepping up on international shark conservation responsibilities. Yuen Ping CHOW, Executive Director of HK Shark Foundation, said: “Hong Kong is following CITES on regulating the trade of endangered sharks, including … More

      March 29th, 2018
    • PRESS RELEASE: Restaurants pre-set menus encourage shark fin consumption Threatened species served in New Year menu

      Hong Kong (8th Feb, 2018) – Hong Kong Shark Foundation, together with a group of students from City U, has conducted the latest survey on the shark fin supply of Chinese restaurants’ Lunar New Year/annual dinner set menus. The result shows that over 80% of the banquet menus offer dishes made of shark fin. Only half of the studied restaurants offer shark-free options for consumers. The restaurant East Ocean Lafayette is also offering shark fins from regulated shark species in the high-priced menu, and some of those restaurants offer shark fins from threatened species on demand. On the other hand, … More

      February 8th, 2018
    • PRESS RELEASE: Overwhelming majority (98%) citizens have no knowledge about the Endangered Shark Species Trade Regulations

      Hong Kong (26th November, 2017) – Hong Kong imported 5,700 tons of shark fins in 2016, making it the largest shark fin trading hub in the world. A new survey, commissioned by the Hong Kong Shark Foundation, has found that many Hong Kong citizens support conservation of shark species but do not know how the local government protects threatened species.   The School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK was commissioned by Hong Kong Shark Foundation to launch comprehensive phone survey in early November. Over eight hundred Hong Kong citizens aged above 18 were interviewed. Researchers discovered that 98% of the … More

      December 12th, 2017
    • PRESS RELEASE: Stop selling threatened species Over a thousand Hong Kong citizens angered by Lei Garden’s inconsistent message about sharks & sustainability

      Hong Kong (3rd Sept, 2017) – Ten members of HK Shark Foundation protested today at the Lei Garden in IFC, Central. They posted over 1,000 ‘Angry Face’ collected from concerned citizens online along the front wall of Lei Garden, protesting against the sale of threatened species. Handbills asking Lei Garden to “stop serving threatened Dusky Shark” were distributed to remind the customers at Lei Garden that the species is as endangered as Giant Panda and Polar Bear. HK Shark Foundation demands full disclosure of the shark fins species on sale at Lei Garden, and for an immediate stop the sales … More

      September 4th, 2017
    • Stop selling threatened species Over a thousand Hong Kong citizens angered by Lei Garden’s inconsistent message about sharks & sustainability

      東方Oriental Daily 頭條 Headline Daily 都市日報 Metro Daily Metro Radio 明報 Ming Pao 文匯報 Wen Wei Po 星島Sing Tao Daily 1 星島Sing Tao Daily 2 The Standard 巴士的報 Bastille Post

      September 4th, 2017
    • Threatened Species Featured in Promotions at Chinese Restaurants

      Standard Shark group lists biggest killer SCMP Hong Kong restaurant chains named and shamed over shark fin sale Apple Daily 酒樓集團賣翅 環團:食翅如食熊貓 酒樓被爆賣瀕危物種魚翅 名苑皇上皇齊冠「鯊魚殺手」 名苑父親節菜單全部有魚翅 主婦:冀酒樓停售瀕危品種 Headline Daily 23酒樓集團仍售翅 團體:如吃大熊貓 護鯊會指有酒樓賣五羊翅 瀕危程度如「吃大熊貓」 社論 改口腹慾 加入護鯊行動 on.cc 港澳 5酒樓售易危海虎翅 環團促列明品種助追蹤 Hong Kong Commercial Daily 香港仍售瀕危海虎翅 護鯊會促酒樓停售 Sing Tao Daily 護鯊會指有酒樓賣瀕危五羊翅 有如「吃大熊貓」 香港有23酒楼集团仍售翅 团体:如吃大熊猫 Ming Pao 指有酒樓賣海虎翅五羊翅 護鯊會﹕如吃大熊貓 HK01 瀕危海虎翅、五羊翅通街賣 護鯊會促立即停售、設銷售記錄 RTHK 《自由風》 護鯊會調查發現多間酒樓供應受絕種威脅魚翅 《千禧年代》 0:47-0:56 講解鯊魚殺手評級 1:04-1:17 聽眾意見及回應

      June 1st, 2017
    • PRESS RELEASE: Threatened Species Featured in Promotions at Chinese Restaurants HK Shark Foundation launches ‘Shark Killer Ranking’

      Hong Kong (31st May, 2017) – HK Shark Foundation’s (HKSF) latest research has taken this work one step further, and found that a number of traditional Chinese restaurants continue to sell shark fins harvested from threatened species. These include “Hai hu”, from vulnerable Dusky Shark, and “Wu yang”, from the Silky Shark which has just been listed under the international trade convention. The results irrefutably demonstrate the role of Chinese restaurants in the trade of controlled species, which has dire consequences for the biodiversity of our planet. Some Chinese restaurants continue to brazenly promote their shark fin items, defying international … More

      June 1st, 2017
    • PRESS RELEASE: Chinese restaurant persistantly serving shark fin at wedding banquets, despite lack of enthusiasm from guests

      Hong Kong (20th Dec, 2016) – With an average of 50,000 couples getting married annually, wedding banquets are still one of the major occasions  where shark fin is consumed in Hong Kong, especially in traditional Chinese restaurants. A recent survey conducted by the Hong Kong Shark Foundation, students from City University and 20 volunteers, interviewed 411 guests at 30 wedding banquets. The survey showed that only a minority (just 5%) of respondents actually like shark fin soup, the majority (90%) passively consume it, simply because it’s being served. It’s estimated that 323,783 tables[1] from 11,783 wedding banquets serve shark fin … More

      December 22nd, 2016
    • Blog post by Sarah Richard

      We are killing 100 million sharks a year just for soup, yet a shark is worth more alive than it is dead 100 million a year, just for a flavourless soup. IT NEEDS TO STOP For those of you that know me you’ll know the passion I have for sharks, the ocean and everything within it, and for anyone else that has a passion, about anything, you’ll know you can’t just switch that off. So when it comes to the subject of shark finning it makes my skin crawl.How can people be killing these beautiful animals purely just for social status? … More

      October 3rd, 2016