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    HKSF receives partial funding from ADM Capital Foundation to help cover basic resourcing and operational costs (including provision of office space). However, the nature, extent and success of our efforts are highly dependent on the commitment and support of our members and volunteers. Our work is diverse, ranging across the areas of political advocacy, corporate advocacy, educational programmes and public awareness raising – and we are often in need of partners to help us deliver our projects and campaigns.


    All donations to HKSF are gratefully received and will be wholly put towards shark conservation, whether to support our operational and marketing costs or to fund specific programmes and events. We accept both individual donations and corporate donations/sponsorships. Donations can be made online via Paypal or by post.

    Giving In-Kind Services or Goods

    We welcome support provided through the giving of in-kind services or goods, such as free event venues, I.T. provision (web & server hosting/email management, general support), graphic design/ creative, copywriting, translation and media relations services. Free advertising is especially appreciated.

    Our commitment to YOU

    We will

    • acknowledge receipt of your donation and issue a tax receipt, as appropriate
    • ensure that your personal details and donations are kept confidential, unless agreed with you otherwise
    • use your donation carefully and responsibly (this includes making the best use of our income by funding works that are inspiring and educational, while keeping support costs to a minimum)
    • ensure that all of our activities are open and fair, honest and legal
    • keep you updated on our work via our e-newsletters, website and our social media channels including facebook, twitter and weibo (should you subscribe to these).