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  • ‘Nose-off’ Facebook application

    The concept
    ‘Nose-off’ has been designed and built on a pro bono basis by creative gurus Ogilvy (for which we’re eternally grateful!). The idea is that users can cut their own nose off a picture of themselves, and then make it their profile picture to show their support for the anti-shark-fin cause. i.e. without a nose, our faces are forever changed – just as our marine ecosystems would be forever changed without sharks.  We’ll be collecting and storing all of the de-nosed images to do something creative with at the end.

    What to do
    Visit the HK SharkFoundation Facebook page and click ‘LIKE’, then select the NoseOff application from the left hand menu. Follow the instruction to select a picture of yourself, position and tweak the NoseOff cutter to fit your nose and then chop your nose off! The picture will default to your profile pics album.

    Don’t forget to post the picture to your profile and SHARE SHARE SHARE!

    If you like this, you may also like our other HKSF social media campaigns. 2009 saw the runaway success of our YouTube spoof clip which earnt over 1,000,000 views! In 2010, we hosted our first sharkie freeze mob which was followed by Freezemob II on 15 May 2011. Join our Facebook fan page for the latest updates.