Some of our programmes are in the early stages of development and we are always looking for support to help us bring them to maturity. If you can help, please email


Shark-free companies

Corporate campaign aimed at persuading companies to pledge not to promote or support the consumption of serve shark fin in any corporate context.

Shark-free weddings

Nascent campaign aimed at providing support and encouragement for couples who wish not to serve shark fin at their weddings

HKSF Heroes

Initiative applauding outstanding shark-loving individuals and organisations

Dragon Boating

Community programme aimed at raising awareness within the local dragon boating community

Government lobbying

Discrete campaign aimed at lobbying the HKSAR Govt to pledge not to serve shark fin at company banquets, timed for the Chief Executive’s 2010 Policy Address.

Petitions and pledges

Several organisations have petitions and pledges that enable you to publicly show your support for the cause.

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