Social Media

Signing up to a shark group on Twitter or joining a Facebook group might not seem like a very direct action, but the power of this type of social media should not be underestimated – both for keeping you abreast of the latest shark news to share and for showing your support publically for a whole range of shark conservation campaigns.

HKSF on Facebook
HKSF on Twitter

Whilst there are many individual groups on Facebook relating to shark conservation in general, and to shark-finning in particular, we would like to draw your attention to the following…

魚翅婚宴。人情七折」再生版 Cut gift money for shark fin banquets (Again!)
全球華人支持加州立法禁售魚翅 Chinese United in Support of CA Shark Fin Ban 
Say No to Shark Fin Soup

There are also a number of groups that are created to lobby against a specific organisation. If you are taking part in this type of activity, please remember to do so with courtesy and respect. Antagonising people is rarely as productive as engaging in a reasoned and reasonable conversation!

Group to lobby HK’s new Ritz Carlton hotel to stop serving shark-fin