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    An increasing number of Governments around the world are considering implementing various shark conservation bills. These ONLY work with signatures – lots of them! Plus, making a personal pledge never to consume shark products is a great step but it’s even greater if you can publicly promote that decision to encourage more support for the cause.

    CAVEAT: Please note that HKSF campaigns against shark finning purely on the basis of environmental sustainability. The views of other organizations are not necessarily the same as ours.


    Remove shark-related products, including fins, from the menus of all Traditional Chinese Restaurants/Food Outlets

    Hong Kong is without a doubt one of the world’s largest consumers of shark-related products, including shark fin. It is estimated that suppliers in over 100 countries spanning across 7 continents have exported their shark fin products to Hong Kong in the past 10 years.Whilst a large portion of these products will be re-exported to other countries such as mainland China, a notable share is retained within Hong Kong and distributed among vendors and retailers, including dried goods stores, markets, hotels and restaurants, for local purchase and consumption. The largest vendors of shark-related products in Hong Kong are the traditional Chinese restaurants of major hotels and catering companies. This petition is hence aimed at the local hotels and caterers managing restaurants of traditional Chinese cuisine. The aim is to control Hong Kong’s demand of shark through:

    1) Removing shark-related products, including shark fin, from the menus of restaurants, unless the products are proven to be from sustainable sources;

    2) Ceasing the sourcing of shark-related products, unless the products are proven to be from sustainable sources.

    HK Government to make a public policy not to serve shark fin at official functions


    From HK Shark Foundation: On Friday 13th , the government of the HKSAR announced an internal policy that Bureaux and Departments should not consume shark fin at official functions,and furthermore when functions are organised by others, Bureaux and departments will also notify their hosts in advance that government officials will not consume shark fin. Thus taking a unique opportunity to educate others. HKSF and supporting partners launched its Change.Org petition for the governmemt to ban shark fin at official functions with a target of 10,000 signatures. The petition was strategically handed to the Government before attaining its target during the 2012 Administration Change specifically to inform the new Government of community concerns about the issue. By August this year the petition had over 10,000 signatures as a result of multiple pressures and awareness raising. In its announcement the Government acknowledged international and local concern around the issue. Our sincerest thanks to the thousands who signed the petition.

    Project Aware ‘Give Sharks a Fighting Chance’ petition

    Project Aware is gaining the attention of policymakers worldwide, closing loopholes in existing global shark management policies and insisting on full protection for Endangered and Critically Endangered sharks. This petition is targeted at the next CITES conference.

    Global ban on shark finning

    With an ambitious target of 100,000 signatures, this petition by SupportOurSharks.com is targetted at United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon.

    Chinese legislation to ban shark fins

    A new proposal by a member of China’s parliament seeks to ban the shark fin trade within China which, along with Taiwan and Hong Kong, accounts for 95% of the world’s consumption of shark fins.

    Hong Kong SAR to ban selling of shark fin in restaurants

    Hong Kong citizen creates petition asking the HKSAR Chief Executive to ban the selling of shark fin soup in local restaurants.

    Support California bill to ban shark finning

    The controversial proposed bill AB 376 continue to court debate over the erroneous accusation that banning shark fin is an attack on Chinese culture. Follow the bill’s progress via SharkSavers and sign the APHOHA petition asap because the bill is up before the Appropriations Committee on 15 August 2011.

    Petition to protect Europe’s sharks

    Global organisation Shark Alliance propose this petition to EU ministers asking them to strengthen and enforce the EU Shark Action Plan that was approved in 2009.


    Humane Society International: No Shark Fin Pledge

    HSI campaign primarily against the cruelty of shark-finning.

    SharkSavers: Say ‘No’ to shark fin soup

    Shark Savers campaign against shark finning based on sustainability issues, cruelty and health concerns.