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    As a registered charity, HKSF is wholly reliant upon the support, generosity and commitment of others. If you would like to support our efforts to further the shark conservation cause in Hong Kong, there are several ways in which you can help directly.

    Operational Funding

    Although our operational costs are relatively low compared to other similar organisations, we still require ongoing funds to cover core staffing, premises and equipment, IT support, business administration and accounting, and the production of marketing and educational collateral. If you are interested in providing grants or funding to HKSF, please contact info@hksharkfoundation.org

    Event/Programme sponsorship

    HKSF works across a diverse range of events and campaigns, some of which would be highly appropriate for corporate sponsorship. For example,

    • Gala Dinner: We are currently exploring hosting a gala dinner with a Chinese banquet serving a celebrated shark-fin alternative and we are looking for venue, catering, entertainment and marketing/media sponsors.

    Pro Bono

    If you work in any of the following areas and can offer pro bono services, please contact marketing@hksharkfoundation.org

    • Graphic design
    • Website design, management and content management
    • Chinese language copywriting/translation
    • Printing

    Career opportunities

    HKSF is largely a volunteer organisation and does not employ many paid staff. However, occasionally opportunities do arise and, when this happens, they’ll be posted here.

    • Campaign and Media manager: HKSF is currently looking for a Campaign and Media manager. Please cf the job description here. Interested parties can send their CV to info@hksharkfoundation.org


    If you are passionate about the “Say NO to shark fin” cause and can dedicate regular and consistent time to supporting it, please contact info@hksharkfoundation.org